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PortsToronto recognizes the importance of sustainability and employing environmental best practices throughout our business and operations. As a steward of Toronto’s waterfront resources, PortsToronto works closely with the broader waterfront community to ensure these assets will provide prosperity and enjoyment for future generations.

In the planning, development and operational phases of any construction activity, PortsToronto and its contractors follow best practices related to sustainability and environmental protection. The following initiatives are to be implemented throughout the project phases of the Billy Bishop Airfield Rehabilitation Program and are aimed at raising the bar on sustainable construction. They included, but are not limited to:

  • Environmental Stewardship
    • The overall project plan incorporates multiple individual project elements that would otherwise be completed over a longer construction duration and by multiple contractors thus reducing the overall impacts of construction;
    • The construction schedule has been compressed to improve efficiency and reduce construction noise and emissions;
    • Existing Airfield Lighting fixtures are converted from traditional to LED resulting in energy savings;
    • Reduction in the overall quantity of earthworks required through specific pavement design strategies;
    • Reusing materials in the construction of new facilities such as airside perimeter roads;
    • Reusing asphalt millings to offset total volume of new granular material required;
    • Barging of material and equipment resulting in removing significant number of trucks from the city roads;
    • Construction of Ground Run-up Enclosure (GRE) facility intended to reduce noise during aircraft engine maintenance run-ups.
  • Community Engagement
    • Public outreach and meetings (Community Liaison Committee meetings, Doors Open, etc.)
  • Economic Impact
    • Job Creation and economic benefits to GTA - a large majority of the construction team is comprised of locally (GTA) based companies.
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