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Project Elements

Apron Widening and Reconstruction

The main terminal apron pavement is more than 30 years old and is in need of reconstruction. In addition, in order to facilitate ease of maneuvering an aircraft on the apron, the apron will be widened 11.5 m to the south. Below is a list of project scope elements related to apron widening and reconstruction work:

  • The project will include construction of new asphalt pavement to widen the existing apron by 11.5 m to the south which will then allow additional room for aircraft and service vehicle movement behind the terminal gates.
  • The project will include full depth reconstruction of existing deteriorated pavement. Terminal gates will be closed one gate at a time to accommodate this reconstruction work.
  • The project will also include rehabilitation of Taxiways C (Charlie) and F (Foxtrot) due to their deteriorated pavement and geometry/layout, providing improvements which will enhance aircraft operations on them.
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