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Project Elements

Decommissioning of Runway 15-33 and its Conversion to Taxiway Echo (Completed)

Runway 15-33 is a north/south runway that has been identified in the airport’s 2012 Master Plan for decommissioning due to its operational restrictions, consequent infrequent use, and high costs to reconstruct and maintain. The runway will be converted to Taxiway E (Echo) which will provide access to Runway 06-24 as well as the south side of the airfield. Below is a list of project scope elements related to Runway 15-33 work:

  • A full length and 23m width asphalt removal and replacement ("mill and overlay") of Runway 15-33 pavement is necessary due to deterioration of existing pavement which is more than 30 years old.
  • The project will convert the eastern portion of the existing runway pavements to a 5m wide, single-lane service road to provide access to service vehicles and fuel trucks to the south side of the airfield.
  • The project will establish new pavement intersection ("fillets") of new Taxiway Echo at Runway 08-26 and Runway 06-24.
  • The project will rehabilitate pavements at the southern portion of existing Runway 15-33 to convert this area of the former runway to overflow aircraft parking positions.
  • The project will install new electrical infrastructure for Taxiway Echo including new taxiway edge lighting and aircraft guidance signage.
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