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Project Elements

Runway 08-26 (Completed)

Runway 08-26 is the primary and the longest runway at the airport. It accommodates all commercial aircraft movements. The construction work on this runway can only occur during overnight hours (11pm - 6:45am) when the runway is closed. Below is a list of project scope elements related to Runway 08-26:

  • A full length and width rehabilitation of Runway 08-26 pavement is necessary due to deterioration of existing pavement which is more than 30 years old.
  • Milling of existing asphalt and replacement with new asphalt (“mill and overlay”) approach will be implemented to reduce the risk of delaying runway re-opening each morning after completion of construction activities.
  • The project will also include replacement of existing runway electrical infrastructure which is also more than 30 years old. This replacement is inclusive of runway edge lighting, approach slope indicators, and aircraft guidance signage.
  • The project will install new runway centreline inset lighting providing additional benefits of guiding pilots to the runway centreline.
  • The project will include equipment additions / modifications in the existing Field Electric Centre to accommodate new electrical infrastructure.
  • The project will utilize asphalt removed from the runway by milling operations to improve surface of the airfield perimeter service road.

Additionally, in 2017, after the new pavements have adequately cured, Runway 08-26 pavement will be grooved. This method is utilized in order to improve removal of water from the runway to provide additional safety feature for aircraft operations.

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