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About the Program


The Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Airfield Rehabilitation Program is a significant three-year construction project that will affect the majority of Airfield surfaces at the airport. The program is necessary to replace the existing aging civil and electrical infrastructure (pavements and lighting) for the airport's runways, taxiways and apron. The project scope also includes decommissioning of Runway 15-33 and its conversion to a taxiway as well as construction of a Ground Run-up Enclosure (GRE) facility which contributes to reduction in noise during aircraft engine ground maintenance run-ups.

Since a portion of construction activities will have to take place during night-time hours when the airport is closed for aircraft traffic, PortsToronto has implemented a number of measures to minimize the impact of construction activities on local residents, including limitations on construction traffic access, construction noise and lighting.

In order to reduce the traffic through Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood, this project has implemented an approach that will bring the majority of equipment and materials to the site by barging it from the Cruise Ship Terminal in the Port of Toronto to a temporary dock on the east side of the airport. This procedure will ensure minimal impacts on the local residents and airport travelers from construction traffic. Similarly, the contractor is implementing procedures that minimize the amount of backing-up by construction equipment and therefore noise from back-up alarms. Water trucks will ensure dust suppression during construction activities as well. Lighting for night time operations will be directed downwards and away from neighbourhoods.

PortsToronto will work diligently on minimizing the impacts on the surrounding neighbourhood from this project and appreciates everyone's patience as we deliver this significant and important project to enhance safe continuing operation of the airport.

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